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Covid 19 Update: Note:
Due to Covid 19 concerns, the Pre-registration process has been expanded
* To limit the number of in-person interviews that are required.
* Pre-Registration now supports:
  • English and Spanish public-facing Preregistration page
  • Up to 6 Document types for uploading for HOH and up to 6 Document Types for Children
  • Gift and Need + Clothing Idea suggestions that is available to import into an Angel Application.
  • Configurable English and Spanish options for Clothing headings and drop-down values
  • Configurable English and Spanish messages for Pre-Registration instructions and follow-up
  • If you wish to allow Clients to upload ID Documents, you can activate this option on the Preregistration setup screen. Only users that have the additional security setting to view documents will be able to see them.
  • Maximum number of allowed Pre-Registration applications
  • Customized options for how Pre-Registration can be used - both directly with Clients as well as when working with a trusted Agency
  • New Reprots for managing ID validation

* Please see details here: AngelWeb PreRegistration Info.
Other Enhancements:
Agency codes can now be assigned to the applicaiton.
School codes can now be assigned to each child.
Improvements to managing Sponsors (Internal/External/Hosted Angel Tree (like a TV station) now supported
Improvements to managing and assigning Angels for adoption.
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